We’re Jammin’ (Day Three)


The Oscars got nothing on us!
The Oscars got nothing on us!

My Sunday began with a nutritious breakfast of leftover pizza, apple pie and a few spoonfuls of Nutella. Popeye style, I was re-energised for the final day of the Dundee Global Service Jam.

This morning we finalised our concept – a global ‘hide and seek’ game facilitated by an application for your smartphone. Next we worked on creating a prototype to illustrate how our service would work. I was finally in my graphic design element, and designed three screens for the ‘You’re It!’ app. The GSJam encourage us not to be too precious when creating prototypes, so I spent just half an hour pulling together the visuals on Indesign. A simple colour scheme and a consistent design style allowed me to create it very quickly, but I still think it looks pretty swish! I sent the images to my group and they were able to bring it up on their phones, as if it was a real and functional app!

App Mockup for our Hide and Seek Game!
Mockup of the ‘You’re It’ application

This weekend I have got involved in lots of activities that I don’t usually get much practice at – presenting in front of large groups, prototyping, conducting market research and even the Charleston! (Kudos to Caitlin Wright for her fabulous dancing lesson!)  At 3 o’clock I threw myself into my worst nightmare… Acting. As long as I can remember, performing in front of an audience has filled me with a horrible dread. I clam up, flush bright red, and frankly, embarrass myself.

App Icon Prototype

However, in the spirit of the Jam, I decided to put that fear behind me and join in the filming of both our App advertisement, and the GSJDundee promo video. As you can see in the videos below, Scarlett Johansson has nothing to fear. My cameos are neither graceful, nor compelling, but they are cameos none the less, and I am proud that I took part! Leo even said that he thought that I could become a TV presenter! I don’t know about that, but it’s a little personal milestone!

The final presentations were at 4 o’clock, where the groups explained their final ideas using their finished prototypes and video if appropriate. We were up first! To explain our idea in a nutshell, ‘You’re It!’ is a big game of hide and seek, where individuals can meet and play during their lunch breaks. The activity is supported by an Iphone app, which unites users in a location and begins the game with a countdown. You can play with friends or with strangers, and you can share your scores online with a global network of players.

The idea came from our original theme of ‘play’ and the research we collected about childhood. We found that people love reminiscing about their childhood, and connecting with that inherent love of play that gets replaced by the responsibility and shame of adulthood. By reintroducing that playfulness into adults’ lives, they can relax, have fun, and forget about the working world for half an hour at lunchtime.

The other teams’ presentations were brilliant. The first was a service to encourage children to grow their own healthy produce, by combining a virtual game with a real life seed kit. The second was a housing development programme, which provided affordable homes for first time buyers in the form of modular cubic homes. An ambitious, yet exciting prospect! The third was an effort to break pre-existing stereotypes between cultures, by duping differing social groups to socialise at a bar. All very different ideas, but as Mike Press said, all ideas with the potential to go further and become viable services!


So that’s that! The Dundee Service Jam is over for another year. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into the canteen 48 hours ago, but the weekend has surpassed any hopes that I had. I have met some great new friends, developed some new skills, networked with potential business contacts, and created a service that I think has the potential to develop into something commercial! Thank you to all the Jam Doctors; Linsey, Ross, Omar, Sarah, Caitlin, Mike, Eva and anyone else involved in the organisation of the Dundee Service Jam. I had a brilliant time, and am really looking forward to the next time we can get jamming together!

(GSJdundee condensed down to 60 seconds!)


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